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Installed as new or over existing ceilings



A quick and easy installation process, avoiding unnecessary and complicated labour

Rediscover the charm and authenticity of yesteryear by recreating traditional Provencal ceilings in your home at an attractive cost.
Enthusiasts hoping to rediscover the old will be delighted when they discover the process developed by Plafonds de l’Isle.
Our copyrighted technique has been awarded with several prizes.

The ceilings are comprised of wood and plaster slats, sealed on or installed over pre-existing beams.
The custom-made slats are 4 cm thick, and are capable of supporting BA slabs.
The ceilings may be either installed as new or over pre-existing ceilings. The installation process is quick and easy, and the results will live up to your dreams.

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A little bit of history

Caracteristic of the local architecture, Provencal ceilings are traditionally comprised of wood and plaster which has been poured on location at the time of construction. They served as flooring for upper storeys.
Essential reading: « Maisons rurales et vie paysanne en Provence » JL MASSOT (Editions Serg)

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From the traditional to the contemporary

Working in collaboration with architects and decorators, Plafonds de L’Isle has developed a variety of new finishes to create a contemporary setting.

  • Nowadays, colour illuminates a home. The plaster in our ceilings conserve the imprint of old formwork, meaning that they harmonise effortlessly with lime whitewash, traditional floors or stone: Provence lives again through its architecture.
  • From chestnut to douglas pine, Plafonds de l’Isle proposes a wide range of finishes: natural, varnished, waxed, patina, aged, or stained…
    A range of finishes which can be adapted infinitely to give soul and personality to our home.


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